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Glad the Massey was feeling up to the task! The boys look to be having a great time too.

Just think how much work a Massy 12 could do...
I have to laugh at this. Last fall, I changed the oil on my truck and missed removing the old oil filter gasket. It ran for a few minutes, then blew the gasket after I'd moved back about 15 feet so I could pick the drain pan up easily. So I shut off the engine in a panic, then wanted to move the truck back to the top of the drive to work on it and get out of the oil puddle. I was the only adult, didn't trust my boys to handle the truck if it started to roll down the drive, didn't want them driving anything other than my MF8. So the oldest (heaviest LOL) boy drove the MF8 and pulled my truck up the slight incline and out of the oil puddle, spinning the wheels most of the way. Now, it bugged me that I hadn't been able to use my MF12, so a few days later I re-created the situation, only this time I had the "big" MF12 out. It pulled the truck up the slope too....spinning all the way!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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