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Sorry i havent been on much for a while. I'm sorry to say that the origanal engine in my 7 has died for good :wallbanging:. But i think the tractor will be in operation soon again!

A couple a months ago i picked up a 7hp Briggs for $10 and all it needed was a new coil... and now i just have to buy a new carb kit for it....

I wasn't planning on using this engine for my 7 but when the original went i was curious to see how well it fit in there and to my surprize it fits quite well....

i always thought that the grill and hood would need to be cut out for the engine to fit but i will have to do none of that.

The only things i have to do is re-drill 2 mounting holes and cut out that peice of sheet metal over where the origanal starter went.....

the briggs already has the one inch shaft so the original pully fits well.... the only thing that is a problem is that the shaft on the briggs is higher than the one on the tecumseh. right now i wouldn't be able to shut the mule drive/PTO off...

I know the MF8 uses a different belt than the MF7 and a different engine all together...

Could some one who has a MF8 measure the distance between the shaft and the frame?
i think the MF8 engine would be similar to my Briggs engine and if they are i could buy the belt for an MF8 and use a more correct belt than going to the local auto shop.

Pics soon to come... any help or suggestions is much appreciated, Thanks
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