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I don't remember ever seeing a Bolens cart with the steel tailgate and tube tongue.
I had a guy tell me that Midland made the M127 cart and M125 sulky for Bolens. He had a parts list for both that said made by Midland at the bottom. I tried getting him to send me a copy, but he couldn't find them at the time. If you look at some of the early Simplicity carts and sulkies they have a lot in common with the Bolens carts and sulkies. The cultivators (what mounts to the tool bar) are the same from Bolens to Midland that they used on the 12As. I think Bolens must have bought Midland attachments and put their name on them in the mid to late 40s.

I see the guy must of taking the brakes off the cart too.
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