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Well, once again I let another 1050 slip through my fingers. I didn't feel so bad after helping the guy and his wife load it when he told my about his childhood days spent on his grandfather's 1050.

I did get the deck though. And a mountain of belts, no lie, there has to be over 75 different belts the guy gave me with the deck! Unfortunatly, none are long enough for the deck and the one on there is junk. TSC didn't have anything longer than 105''-1/2'' and I need the 114''. Anyone know a decent source?

I am going to get back up there soon and snag the Sears plow and a blower.

I did finally get the tiller one my 1054 and found out it has a bad seal in the input side of the gear box :(

Can't win for loosing. It did work well though and man is that thing a mother bear to lift!
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