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I put an ad on Craigslist for parts/part tractors. The ad has been up for 2weeks & I've had 3 responses. 1 a fuel tank off of a lgt145 $25,next lgt 145 charging problems other than that looks decent $400, lastly 2=lgt 145's one running with front bucket working other striped down with new engine parts and mostly ready for paint & also lgt165 kinda rough but possibility of restore for$2000. Haven't went to see any yet all three in different directions. Just wondering what thoughts you guys may have. The pics I have are ok but I sent some to a friend to view on the pc and they were very pixelated except for the gas tank. so thanks ahead for any kind of comments I do appreciate it!

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Gas $25 ? If you need one. They live under the hood and don't tend to rust out.

LGT 145 with charging problems $400? That's about market price.

Two LGT 145's and an LGT 165 with a loader for $2000? Now that's more interesting!

If one of these has the rare and elusive pto and three point hitch? That would be worth something!

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