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This is a MTD model 460. Otherwise known as the "penncraft model 1427". Mtd built these tractors for penny's to be sold as penny's tool brand name "penncraft". Mtd built these tractors from 1968-1970. And penny's sold the rest the next 2 years up to 1972. This tractor has a 7 hp Briggs and Stratton L head vertical shaft 4 stroke engine. And a belt driven gear. That goes to a peerless 700 transmission. With three gears forward, and one reverse. Then an output sprocket goes from a 8 tooth, to a 60 tooth sprocket. And the 60 tooth sprocket is connected to a peerless 100 series differential. With 1 inch shafts! Then goes to the rear wheels. For how basic and weak looking if may look, it's a workhorse. I use this tractor to pull some medium sized logs. (Logs that are quite difficult to even pull by hand) and pull them up to my sawing spot, and cut them, and then split them for firewood... penny's actually offerd a "sleeve hitch" on ANY mower they sold!and this one was one of them! It was a tiny plow however. Being a 6 Inch molboard plow. Wasn't all that impressive. But what is impressive is how that tractor could be fitted with it. In fact, when my pa bought it, someone else was buying the same one, and got a sleeve hitch and a plow, and a dozer blade! They really were in quite a battle over the "craftsman" and "sears" tractor line. Penncraft made more smaller machines then big ones. However they did make a few big ones. Such as the model 1448. Which had a horizontal shaft that went to a transaxle. Don't know much on that. However I also think all attachments for that tractor were built also by mtd.. the mower deck, was a 30 inch 2 blade deck that was belt driven. The last time I had the mower deck on, it mowed fine, kinda wish I could've had it because I would go over tough areas with it. As a mini bush hog. The blades were so dull, I could grip onto them real tight. So it was most likely retired from mowing. Actually, the mower decks were supposed to be taken off by a (local penny's) as they would take the entire body off, and push the linkage through the bottom holes in the chassis. Because all the linkage to hold the deck on was actually welded together. And that's why I had mine taken to a repair shop and got the mower deck chopped off... so yeah, it mowed good. My tractor has ag tires, but they originally came with turfs. However penny's also offered tire chains for it. That's about all. I'll edit in if I missed something. Thanks for reading!


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Vehicle Motor vehicle Plant Tire Wheel

Model Number:N/A
Engine(s) Used:
Drive Type:Manual
Transmission:Peerless 700H
PTO:Mid Mount
Mid Mount Mower Size:32"
Production From:1968
Production To:1970
Rear Lift:Manual
Original Selling Price:365
Front Tire Size:13/5/6
Rear Tire Size:16/6.50/8
Brake System:Band Brake
Electrical Ground:N/A
Electrical Voltage:N/A
Belt Sizes:61 inch drive

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