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Hadn't been to the farm (30 miles) for a couple weeks. It had rained 4-5" since I was there last. The north pond looked like this before, 2-1/2' low:

Water Natural landscape Natural environment Plant Fluvial landforms of streams

It's full now:

Water Plant Water resources Plant community Fluvial landforms of streams

South pond still needs 3' to fill, it doesn't have enough watershed:

Water Plant Sky Water resources Natural landscape

Last time I was out there, I cut a couple Oaks & drug them to where I could get t o them with the 790, along with a couple dead Red Elms. Cut them up today:

Plant Sky Plant community Natural landscape Wood

55 minutes later:

Plant Sky Tree Wood Grass

Hauled them to the trailer with the 550 Mule:

Tire Plant Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire

Brought most of it home today, the rest will come the next trip:

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Chief & Dottie had fun too:

Dog Vertebrate Dalmatian Carnivore Dog breed



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Glad to see the ponds getting water, Lowell! Looks like it was a decent day for the activities!
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Wow green grass! It has been way too long for some of us.
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