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First and foremost I am writing this article in honor of my father, without him where would I be???? My two favorite girls, one will be 9 this year and the other is at least 50 years old but will not tell me her age. Me and dad got a simplicity landlord a few years ago for parts but could not stand the thought of scrapping what we did not need, setting in the garage late one afternoon the brilliant idea of a full size pedal gt was born, this is how it went.

Me and dad have been fixing old junk forever, mostly out of need but also partly because dad wanted me to know how. about 10 years ago I got my first gt and have been going ever since. we collect mostly allis chalmers, awhile ago I found out a good friend of mine had a simplicity 2010 landlord I saw I wanted. after few years of bothering he decided to sell it to me for parts.

When I went down to get it it was in a bad state of repair, it had been out behind his sugar house for a number of years, all you could see was the steering wheel sticking out of the leaves. two hours later I had it home and the project began, we got it for parts and stripped it out as such but when it came time to decide what to save and scrap we could not come to grips with scrapping any of it, now what??

After a few days of tripping over all the parts we came up with the idea of a full size pedal tractor for my daughter to use at the fair and other events. Izabelle (1st favorite girl) would have been 6 at the time and her birthday was in a few months. What a birthday present!

So the work began, completely disassembled the tractor rite to the frame, sandblasted all the parts and primed, looked for any and all weight saving things to do. lots of stuff was cut of as unnecessary even more was re-made out of aluminum. The tricky part was the rear end, as anyone who has ever had one knows the rear on these makes the back of the tractor there is no rear frame. I made up a box out of tin for the rear seat and axle to set on, but once the seat pan was on it looked wrong. had to cut the seat pan and fenders 2" shorter and narrow the pan 2" to make it look rite.

The drive gears came from a friend who is into mountain bikes and the rear axle is a 1" aluminum bar, the seat itself was an old iron seat on another garden tractor, I knew this was going to be outside a lot with the kids and I wanted something fool proof, the back cushion was a seat from one of those gym exercise machines ( free at the scrap yard ) Most of the bits a pieces for the drive sytem came from tsc, I love that place.

I am not shure how many times we had this together and took it back apart again but in the end we missed Izabelle's birthday and had to rush to get the paint on for the fair, I was up till at least 10 the nite before the fair just getting it together, in the end it came out perfect but as with all projects it is never done. We are working on a brake for it using the lift handle for the mower deck and the original band brake system. and I would like to put different tires on it, she goes good on black top but struggles in the grass. we will see where it goes.

In the end we went with the original simplicity colors so izabelle could have her very own tractor that was not like any of daddy or grandpa's. she picked out the decals which we had made from a guy in vt.

My second favorite girl is the pedal tractor, she was never given a name. The only thing I would change about this project was the fact I did not get any photo's along the way. lots of time in the garage with dad and an old tractor to benefit my daughter how much better can life get!!!

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