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It doesn't come with Memory or Hard drive.DDR3L 1600/1333 It uses laptop memory and 2.5" Lap top HDD.Your looking at another $30-40 for 8gb memory and around $60-80 for a decent lap top hard drive.

Still not to bad but Newegg does sell Refurbished Dell PCs a bit cheaper.My uncle just got one of these to replace an older Dell with XP on it.He had me upgrade this to Win 10 and put another 4gb of memory in it for him.It's surprisingly fast.

Neweggs Ebay Store.

It runs Win 10 64 with no problems out of the box But if you throw another 4gb of memory in it,it is actually really fast.If you were to put Linux on it I bet it would last you a long long time before needing any upgrades.
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