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Need help with 1650 and 1855-wish list

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Ok Guys..I am new here..well new at posting.
I finally picked up a 1650 and a 1855 neither is/was running.
The 1650 needs 2 front rims(have tires) it didnt come with any. It is also stripped on the hydro input can I drill a hole and run a small hardened bolt through it, or even try JB weld? I have managed to get it running but the lower throttle return spring seems stretched-causes it to backfire occasionally.
It had been sitting for quite some time-cleaned junk out of carb and tank.

The 1855 I havent tried to start, I did try to turn it over but didnt seem to be getting power to the starter. Hmm..not sure what switches I need to check. I havent pulled the carb yet as this is an onan b48m and I know parts arent cheap..a carb rebuild kit??First?..If I get it running it needs a throttle cable and a new front tire or tube.

I would like to make either one into a plow tractor for the win
ter, I dont have any massey implements. I do have a ton of sears/roper attachements has anyone modified anything to fit?

Thanks Shaun


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Another case of a Massey with an Eaton hydrostat, as told by the pic of the front of the hydro. I have heard of many who had great success drilling & pinning the driveshaft. I've been lucky, as all I have owned had either very good, or decent shaft splines. Forget JB Weld for the shaft.
Once you get more into the Onan, you can post info for us to help trouble-shoot it.
The Sears tools could easily be modded to work fine with the Massey's lift.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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