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Hey everyone I recently bought a few more Bolens tractors. One is a 600 with a snowblower, and the others are Medium Frames which are a 1468 and a 1668. I am looking for some parts for the 1468 and 1668. First thing I am trying to find is for the 1468. I am trying to locate the pulley which goes on the side of the 4 speed transmission. Mine is very sloppy to say the least so I need a pulley for that( May have found one I will keep everyone posted but if you have one please still let me know ). I also need a full set of rollers (9 of them) Parts list shows them as # 1747107 I believe, for the rear of the deck which is a model 18300 serial 0800630. Next on the list of things I need are for the 1668 Hydro. When I got this tractor it came with a snowplow but no deck, however, I had a spare 18338 deck sitting around from my H18XL that was sold a while back and it fit right on the 1668. I was looking at the parts manual for the deck and all they list is the center blade #1737184, which is a different size than the outer ones, but I need a full set of blades for this deck. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!! Here are some pics of the tractors..


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