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I feel ya. This year has been my most stressful one yet for me. With the job market, lay offs at my work, and the continued threat of lay offs for us left.

My garden was planted but it all died off as my wife didn't have time to water and weed in the evening and I'm not home enough. I think I got 6 tomatoes and 4 peppers off all the plants I put in the ground. I even "seed started" all my plants this year. I was proud that I had so many plants I started from scratch.

I only worked on tractors as repairs to cut grass....

Now it's dark at 730ish.

I did complete a lot of projects for other people. 93 sheets of drywall hung and finished at a friends 2 story pole barn was the biggest. Plus a slew of side jobs I got paid for. Made a good bit of side money this year.

Put a lid on this year, its over. It'll be snowing before long. But on the bright side 6 months or so it will be spring again.

But all in all this has been a good year. Celebrated my sons first birthday. Little girl started school and will have her 6th birthday in November. Me and my wife will celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. If we'd stop arguing about her wanting a 3rd baby things would be better on that front.

Lilysdad you couldn't be more right. Every year I get older time goes so fast. I swear I can blink and its 3 months later...I'm scared to think how fast time will go when I'm older than 31. I've thought more and more about what i want to spend the second half of my life doing. I've wasted probably 28 years of my life already on nothing.
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