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This particular tractor came with a P218 and the engine is burning a quart of oil per hour. No knocks just lots of oil and while snow blowing this winter I kept telling the neighbors its keeping the mosquitos down so no complaints please.

Anyway last spring I picked up a snapper 1655 with a Linimar LX790 that had a thrown rod.

Now from what I can tell the Linimar is a 20HP engine and from what the man told me the differences between a B48 and the Linimar is in the Cam and carb, starter and electronic ignition.

I found a man here in the KC area who makes his sideline hobby rebuilding Onans and after last night I will compliment him.

He took the LX790 (which did have the 1.125" Crank) and had the crank turned , installed new rods, rings, valves, seats, guides put an original B48 starter back on it, re used my cam and carb, installed points and condenser. The shrouds also say B48

Now I have what he calls a 20HP B48 maybe one of a kind in KC.

Anyway its sitting on the garage floor and hopefully this weekend I will get some wrench time to start the switch over. I am ready to have a strong sweet engine in the old lady.

The 3.00 question is what did the O/H cost? Well lets just say it was a cpl hundred less than the cheapest engine on ebay in the last 6 months.

He isn't the fastest at turning overhauls around but the engine sounded oh so sweet last night running, so I guess the wait was well worth it.

If anyone os contemplating a Onan overhaul and doesn't want to do it themselves send me a note and I will share his name and information. He has a garage full of Onan parts and pieces all looking for good homes and tractors.

While doing this engine swap I am going to swap out the sundstrand tranny. The one in it still isn't right and I have one with a worn shaft that works better. The short term solution on the one with a worn shaft may make a few shudder but I think I know of a way to get it to work.

More the follow as the world turns and the nuts and bolts get loosened.

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That sounds like a good option you picked. I am going to have to find another 20 HP Onan for the second FF tractor one of these days. I'll need lots of luck and $$$$ for that!
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