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Bit the bullet & ordered some ag tires for my Massey 1010 diesel. Has great turf tires on it, but some of my steeper slopes makes for some exciting slides down. My BIL bought ags for his 1010 & they bite great, but he gave over $450 delivered for a pair of 29x12.50/15's. I got this PAIR of blems for $200 DELIVERED!
Shipped out this afternoon, so likely come Monday or Tuesday. Sure will be a tight fit with my belly mower, but should fit okay. I didn't want to spend my paypal money on them just yet, but afraid by the time I was wanting to order, the blems would all be gone. NO WAY that I could afford full priced tires. Was going to pay extra on bills with this money, but I guess I need to look at it as saving $250 over full price. All my bills are paid up to date anyway and I've never been behind, so it's a good deal.
I know it'll solve the slides, as my JD F935 front mower had the same problem till I put ags on it, now it crawls up dang near anything!

29x12.50-15 6 PLY POWER IMPLEMENT BLEMISHED TIRE - eBay (item 140387673588 end time Mar-09-10 08:58:32 PST)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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