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New Terramite Forum Terramite T5c T6 T7 T9

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Just putting a plug for this forum. I think by putting the word "forum" in the title we will have more hits from anyone searching google. Now to see if it works and we are on the first page!

For those who are new to the forum and/or this website, please join, support, and share info. The more members/ owners we have of these Terramites on this site, the more knowledge for all of us to gather, use and benefit from!
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It's good to see another 'Brand' added to the forum. I'm sure there will be additions to it. We could move other threads on these here, I suppose.
That is Cool! The Terramite is a unique niche in the market and a machine I have never actually seen other than on the net.

They seem to have limited distribution outside of the South East?

It interests me so I will monitor that section.
Thanks GT Talk!! This post showed up on the first page of google with in 12 hours! Impressive!

Kenny I think the Terramite forum will be like the Bush Hog forum.....will be a few main people with more lookers than participaters.

I am okay with that.....but for the who are just looking....if you have something to share but don't like to post.....send me a private message and I will get it on...without any reference to who, where, how I got it!!

JD Daniels They are pretty cool and do fit the needs of some. I have seen them trashed by some posters on other sites....all I can say is it sure beats a shovel!! With used ones being found around $5000.....and parts fairly easy to get......a person could use this for a year or two and resell it for close to what they originally had in it. For me it fit the bill!
Never owned one but have used them many times (rentals) . They are a great tool, act a lot bigger than they are in the digging dept. They seem to be well built , few local guys use them for septic testing and repairs, a lot less damage than what a bobcat does. :thumbs:
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