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I picked this up about a week ago and been going through the fluids changing everything.Didn't want to say anything until now because I know how you guys are about pictures. I am too.

I bought this to mow at my mother's house until the house is ready to put on the market and sold. So, don't know if I will keep it in the long term or not. I have my JD 316 and it takes care of the mowing duties.

The engine was rebuilt about 10 yrs ago and I guess the guy didn't use it much as the Walbro LME 37 carb gummed up so bad that he put a new replacement on it some time ago. It's gummed up again and doesn't idle well. I've soaked it in vinegar and it behaves just the same as before. Runs great at full throttle, at idle it sounds like a hit-n-miss engine. Running Seafoam in the gas now hoping that it will clear up. I suspect the small holes in the nozzle leading from the bowl to the main carb throat. I understand they are about .020 and plug easily. Carb cleaner goes through all the other orifices just fine.

Changed the engine oil. It looked fairly light but no telling how long it's been in the engine. The transaxle was a different story. Full of water, but I drained it, put in 30 wt and ran for 15 minutes. Drained that and still the color of a vanilla malt, filled it up with diesel and spun the gears by hand. Drained that and it was looking good enough to fill with gear oil. Couldn't decide if I should put the standard SAE 90 in or not so I used 1 qt of 80-90 and 1 qt of 80-140. I had both on hand, so it was no big deal. Shifts real nice now. Shifted okay before and I was suprised to see the water, but I guess it sat out somewhere along the way.

I pulled the cover off the gearbox and dug out the old grease, not caked at all, but I'm in there so might as well finish the job, right? Gears are in perfect conditon so I repacked with wheel bearing grease. No holes in the deck, just surface rust...good. Smeared tranny fluid and acetone around all the bearings on the bottom and they are free. They seemed to drag a bit but I think they will clear up. The deck had been outside propped up against a tree.

Greased the underneath side of the tractor and put the deck on with new belt between the PTO and deck. Attached the rear connecting links to the holes for "new" belts, but when I tried to cut grass the blades slowed to a crawl. Okay, back to the garage, moved the rear connecting link to the hole for "used/stretched" belts. Back for another test cut. Better, but won't cut grass more than a few inches tall. Back to the garage again. Hummm, the engine to PTO belt looks awfully loose and very hot when I touched it. I see the PTO pedal has an adjustment on it. Loosened the bolts and slid the pedal forward which tightens the PTO belt when engaged. Back to the yard for another test cut. Now we're talking. Mows well and the blades don't slow when I hit a heavy spot. Sharpened blades, dropped the back roller all the way down, but left the front clevis's where they were. Ready to go.

Variator needs adjusting, the belts squeak a bit when you let out on the clutch and it won't go into Park, position 1 is as close as I can get which stops all forward movement, but it can wait for another day. Mowed and stopped to snap these photo's when finished. If you are still reading, enjoy.

Coming home, still in the truck.

Sky Window Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior

After mowing. The wet spots are where I brushed on tranny fluid mixed with acetone a few days ago. I wasn't sure what bolts I would need to remove or adjust, so if a bolt had rust on it, it got painted with the fluid. I left the deck covers off to see if the deck belt breaks any time soon.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Tractor Automotive tire Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Plant

The po drilled a couple extra holes in the front mounting plate and ran bolts through to keep the front plate on so I used them. I may take them out later and fill the holes.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Tread

Rear tires are in good shape and replaced by po.

Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle

The steering wheel is oxidized and left my hands black. I'll scrub it with something before I use it again.

Plant Light Motor vehicle Yellow Automotive tire

Going to check JoAnn fabric and see if I can find some vinyl to make new seat cushion and back. TSC has replacement seats for $60. I called an upholstery guy and he wants $125-$150 to recover it. Seems like a lot for some vinyl and foam.

Tire Wheel Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting

All of the tin was in real good shape. I did find one small crack in the left rear corner of the fender.

Bumper Wood Motor vehicle Gas Composite material

Tool box looks good. Just dirty and greasy.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Ah, good old Tecumsey cast iron engine. Bored .030 over. The crank is .010 under according to the receipt I saw.

Automotive fuel system Motor vehicle Gas Auto part Nut Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Gas Auto part Nut

I downloaded a few manuals the other day. Thanks for those, they are a big help in getting this back up to service condition.

I need to spend the rest of the weekend with my wife before she gets jealous.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading!


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Wow, that's a NICE looking original 10. Once you get it all tuned up, there is a really good chance you will be making room at your house for it.

The seat is on the high, but not out of line side. Call around, send pics, etc.
Ryan's was cheaper than that locally, but it was the one piece... Less messing around maybe.

Thanks for the pics, it's great.

Oh, and someone drilled Ryan's too... We use them to hang a front weight for plowing. Happens to be right pattern for a wheel weight.

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Very nice tractor! I enjoyed reading about it.

Ben W.
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Congrats on the tractor. Very nice 10. If you do decide to sell it you should get a good price for it.

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That sure is a fine looking 10 you've got there.

Once you get it dialed in, you won't want to part with it.

Just a guess. They are great fun to drive.

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I checked the serial number and found it is a late 1971, 025934.

Update on seat.
I picked up some upholstery vinyl at Jo-Ann Fabric over the weekend. Regular price $35/ yd. Sale price $17.50/ yd. I plan to use carpet padding scraps and spray adhesive to hold everything in place until it is bolted back onto the seat pan.
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