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New tractor in the shed...

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Well, I just got home from a trip over to grab that MF12-Hydro that Alex was selling and I spent a couple minutes tacking a couple parts onto it so it appears "whole". Alex had torn it down already so it was kind of in many pieces. The next step is to start to pressure wash it, and strip it down to the frame so I can see what I am working with.

Once it has become a good chassis with fresh paint, I plan to transfer some of my parts and the motor from my 12-G. I did not know the hydro has a different seat pan so I will have to work with the one that came with it. I want to see if I can just move the center brace over on the good pan that I have as it would be the way to go. I plan to build my 12G into a narrow front conversion once the hydro is all done up.

Anyway, she needs a little TLC for sure! :thumbs:

Maybe if I park my 12G close enough, it's beauty will wear off onto the 12H? :bigrofl:

Although, she looked like this about this time last year...

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FirefyterEmt said:
They get expensive around here, it looks like it will cost me over $100 no matter where I have them done (and as high as $150!) If anyone knows someone who does them cheap... please let me know!
Did you call Park Auto Trim? Are they the ones that gave you the quote(s)? That seems high to me... They repaired and recovered an entire bench seat from a Chevy 2500 about 4 years ago for $125...
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