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Do you own a Volt/Ohm meter? 1st Check and see if you have 12v going to the coil with the key in the Run position. If you do then either your Coil is bad or the Condenser is bad or both.

I've replaced quite a few Onan coils with 5ohm 1965-1984 Harley Davidson Points ignition coils. Used to be able to get them for $30 but the prices are up quite a bit on everything. The older Kohler K482 / K532 / K582 / K662 / KT17 and KT19 used the same type of coil and they rarely go bad.

These aftermarket Chinese Kohler coils will work but Don't ask me how long they will work.

These are the NOS Harley coils that I use. I put one on my neighbors FF20 a few years ago and it starts easier and runs better than it has since he bought it off of the original owner.

You will have to put a longer wire from the points to the coil. (atleast I had to on my neighbors because the original wire was hacked up and to short) But other than that you will have a reliable coil that will last a long long time as long as you don't leave the Key in the run position with the engine not running and cook the coil. Any coil will quickly overheat and burn up if you do that for more than a couple minutes.

If you really want to cheap out you could use this aftermarket Chinese Onan coil. They do not fire nearly as hot as a Harley or Kohler coil so the engine will run a bit Rich. I put one of these on my Onan P216G only because I had to buy a $160 Onan ignition control module as well because someone was monkeying around with the wiring and burn it up. Autu Parts Lgnition Coil for Onan Points Models BF B43 B48 NHC CCK Replaces 166-0772 166-0648 166-0804 541-0522 166-0820 HE166-0761 HE541-0522 Engine : Automotive

Condenser prices are ridicules any more. Used to be able to pick them up for $3-$5 each. New Condenser.

Those Kohler Condensers will not fit under the points cover. The Onan condenser that fits under the points cover is around $65 which is absolutely ridiculously over priced.

If you need a new condenser just hook it up to the negative side of the coil and mount it under 1 of the coil mounting screws. You could go to any good Auto parts store and buy a Standard brand Automotive Condenser and use that. Any condenser will work when it comes to Points ignition parts.

Pic of his FF20 and where I mounted the Harley coil. It's been on there and working for about 6 years. Really wish he would keep it in his garage out of the weather but his wife insists on parking her car in the garage. 🤔 lol

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