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We had a great time at the Olde Tyme Days tractor show in Dover, PA this year. It was also home of the LAGC Eastern Extravaganza. There was a great turnout of garden tractors at the show. Total count between two separate parties put the total around 650, give or take a few. There was also a great turnout of farm tractors as well.

The farm tractor feature this year was Oliver and the garden tractor feature was John Deere. This was our first year at this show and it definitely won't be our last. We had a terrific time meeting all sorts of new faces as well as meeting a lot of members from GTtalk. We had members sign the back of the GTtalk banner and we did miss a few but it is terrific seeing all of the members on the banner.

I am still in awe with how fast the weekend flew by. I had scheduled off work from Wednesday to Monday so we were able to help with getting things setup. Tuesday night we had the club meeting and also got some of the show grounds staked out. We went back Wednesday to get some more of the show area laid out and we also started hauling our garden tractors over. We figured Thursday was going to be pretty busy with others coming in to setup and we wanted to be available to help everyone get unloaded and situated.

We had quite a few loads come in on Thursday and the same Friday morning. By Friday afternoon it was becoming clear that we were going to run out of room on Saturday if we couldn't get anymore show space. We all worked together and were able to borrow some of the parking area for show space on Saturday morning.

Saturday was off the hook with load after load coming in the morning. I have made mention of this a couple times now but by next year we will have a GTtalk golf cart. Since this article was started and put on hold since then we have bought a golf cart thanks to member Truck21 and we won't have to walk so much along with carrying the camera equipment.

Saturday was also the day for the consignment sale, there was a lot of stuff up in the field to be sold and they had a great turnout for the auction. I would have loved to of made it up to attempt to bid on some stuff but we were just too busy and couldn't pull away. There was a great turnout for the garden tractor pulls as well and Bob did a great job running the show with the pullers.

We got to meet Kate and Brandon from LAGT magazine for the first time on Saturday as well. Didn't get to spend too much time talking tractors like we would have but I am sure we will get to hang out again in the near future. By the time Sunday rolled around I know I was wore out and there were a few that made longer trips that loaded back up to head home early Sunday. It turned out to be a terrific show and we are so looking forward to next year.

We have a huge amount of pics for the garden tractor show at the Olde Tyme Days Eastern Extravaganza in the Gallery. One other special note is Brian Klinger of Klinger pallets took Bill Deaven and I up in his Bell Jet Ranger helicopter and we got to take some very cool overhead shots and some video.

Here is a video of the helicopter ride:

See you all next year!

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