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The 28th Annual Olde Tyme Days and Garden Tractor Expo is just around the corner. The show will be held on August 17, 18, and 19. GTtalk and LAGT magazine will be there along with Ertel publishing. The show is featuring John Deere farm tractors this year.

There is a lot to do at this show with the consignment sale, garden tractor pulls, farm tractor pulls, truck pulls, vendors / flea market, concession stands, lots of garden tractors, farm tractors, tractor games and kids games and much more.

This years raffle prize is a John Deere garden tractor. There is a $2.00 donation per person to get in to the show unless you are an exhibitor or a vendor it is free to get in, children 10 and under are free.

If you plan to drive your tractor or golf cart around the show grounds, for insurance purposes you are required to be a member of the club which is $5 a year per person. To get more details on the show and a schedule of events along with nearby hotels please check out the show page on the club's website at:

Here are a couple of pics from last year's show, looking forward to seeing you there.

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