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I am wondering if anyone has a Panzer Model A (any of the three wheel style) tractor that they would be willing to trade for a 1970 John Deere Patio (orange - all original) or a Restored 1958 Garden Master Jr.

Both tractors have photos attached. I can get more if needed.

The reason is that my nephew wants a hay ride for his birthday. And the Panzer Model A (three wheel tractor) looks like a real tractor. My nephew's lives 2 hours away and the Panzer will fit on my trailer.

The Panzer needs to run. It doesn't need to be pretty or be anything special. Just running/driving condition.

I would like to do the trade ASAP. I live in Eastern Ct.

I would also be open to renting the Panzer for the day.

Let me know


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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