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Part Number List For These Terramites

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To order direct from Terramite can be fairly expensive regarding shipping and part cost. We can use this thread to create a parts list for these tractors. Many of the parts on the Terramite can be bought at your local auto supply or lawn mower dealer.

20 HP Kohler Command

Air Filter - 24-083-03 24-083-05 Sears Part # 71-24637

Spark Plug - RC12YC .040 mm gap ( I have read in other manuals .030 mm gap)

Oil Filter-

1996 T5C- alway verify that these part numbers will fit your tractor

Front Axle Seals- 203025 Car Quest

Front Axle Bearings- L44643

Front Axle Race- L44610

Front Tie Rods - Napa 269-2116 ( mine did not have the correct bend- may want to take yours in and have them match it)

Hydraulic Filter- Napa 1551-1259

Wix- 51551

Baldwin BT-839-10

Hydraulic System- DO NOT USE HYDRAULIC OIL!!! ONLY USE MOTOR OIL IN THE HYDRAULIC SYSTEM. Above 40 degrees use API 15W-40 SF/CC/CD motor oil Below 40 degrees use API 10W SF/CC/CD.
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For those of you who need to replace your companion flange look around. I found the cheapest one originally for $205 delivered to my door. The Terramite Company wanted $255 plus shipping......looking around this morning I found someone selling them for $145 plus shipping.....sounds like it is special order so may have to wait to get them.....I have not experience with this company just found them on the internet.

This is what I am talking about.....if we look hard we can find out what these things go on and find either used parts or cheaper parts!!

This flange is used on some Jaguars and these guys sell it cheaper!!
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I'm glad you are taking the time to hunt these things down and sharing the info. Doubt I will ever have one, but the thread could be GOLD for someone needing something. Thank you!
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