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I’ve got a 1/2” Craftsman socket set from the 1970’s. They were the first serious tools I got and they still work perfectly today. My mother worked part time at the Sears order office in the small town where I grew up. She got an employee discount but Craftsman tools were still a serious cost. Got the basics for Christmas when I was 14 I think. I was building a go cart at the time! I recently bought one of those Stanley tool sets with all 3 socket sets, wrenches, Allen keys etc. It came in a nice plastic case and the black finish on the tools looks nice but it is wearing off after only a little use. I bought it so I could just toss it in the car when I may need tools for a job. Convenient, but the quality just isn’t there like the older Craftsman stuff I have. A good vise and a drill press are 2 tools that get a lot of use when working GTs. A piece of 3/4 round secured in a solid vise can make a good starting point to make changing front tires a breeze. I’ve spent an hour in the past chasing a 6”rim around the garage floor trying to pry a tire on or off. Using the vise it only took me a few minutes to change out a 16x6.5/8 tire the other day. An air compressor is a necessity. I have a small but heavy quiet compressor about 2.5cfm at 90 psi. Works great for all my woodworking trim nailers and also inflating tires etc. Quiet is good in my books. Floor Jack, jack stands, car ramps to get one end of the tractor up in the air a bit, and last but not least a dry place to work. Heat is good as well. I froze my hands so many times working on snowmobiles when I was younger that I seem susceptible to frostbite now.
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