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sorry for my english but i'm french.
I have a problem on a MF10.
Further to an inversion of polarite in replacement the battery(drum kit), the solenoide died.
The tractor demarre by putting a thread on both sides of the solenoide.
I want to change the solenoide but is it possible to put a standard solenoide
Thanks for your help

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:welcome: to GTTalk. Thanks for joining.

Please pardon my English as I am American. We will work thru this.

I believe you are saying that you hooked up the battery reverse polarity?
Is that when the solenoid died?

You can use an auto- style solenoid as long as it is for negative ground.

I also think you said you got it started by putting a wire on the solenoid. If the tractor started and ran after a polarity reversal, that is good news.

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Welcome to the forum! Hopefully the solonoid is the only problem. When you get it running again make sure that the voltage regulator is working properly. There is a chance that it could have been damaged as well.

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Pictures the universal language.
Here are some solenoids that you could use.
Gas Hat Font Baked goods Serveware

Or this one but these are wired 2 different ways.
One the two small terminals are + and _.
The other supplies an addition + to the ignition circuit. Used on early Ford products.
Machine Auto part Metal Automotive wheel system Engineering


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