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Hi guys...

This is my first post in the forum. I'm usually over at the David Bradley board.

I have a couple of old John Deere garden tractors that I'm thinking about trading off.

I've gotten many years of enjoyment out of these tractors but the time has come to move on to a zero turn.

I don't have nearly as much time as I used to and I need to cut my mowing time down drastically. Also it seems like every year I find myself having to work on the mowers to keep them going and although I used to enjoy this part of the hobby.....well anymore, not so much.

I have a 1966 John Deere 110 round fender with the original K181 engine and 4 speed Peerless transmission. It also has the 38" mowing deck.

The mower is complete and went through a mini restoration about 18 years ago.

The paint is not close to showroom but is still really nice and the engine, mower and transmisson are all very solid. These items were all rebuilt when I got it, again 18 years ago.

The tires have been tubed and are still in good shape. I can air them up at the first of the year and they will not need more air until the next mowing season.

I used this as my main mower for about 5 years and then parked it when I got a 212.

The 212 is model year 1982 and has the original 12 HP Kohler and Peerless transmission. It also has a 47" mowing deck.

The paint, tires, engine and transmisson are all in really good shape and I've never had it fail to start for me.

This has been my main mower for the last 13 years and is by far my favorite to ride.

My question has to do with what I should ask for these two mowers.

I've tried looking on the internet but have seen a wild swing in prices.

For instance I've seen 110 tractors that are very similar to mine, (1965 - 1966), that have asking prices from $400.00 to $950.00. These prices were all listed at equipment dealers.

I have a local John Deere dealer that is very interested in the 110 and possibly the 212. He said he knows plenty of collectors that he can sell the 110 to really quickly, and I guess there is a good market for the 212 tractors as well.

So could any of you give me a ballpark figure of what I should ask for on a zero turn trade in? I don't want to get taken advantage of since these tractors have served me well and I honestly hate to see them go.

I've already decided that I'll be keeping one of my mowers as both a back up to the zero turn and also for any pulling type jobs that need done. I'm definitely going to trade in the 110 since it is doing nothing more than gathering dust in the garage. As for the 212 or a 111 lawn tractor I of them will be staying with me.

Sorry this got so long and thanks in advance.


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Where in Illinois? Always love a nice RF myself and would be interested in it if you sell it outright.

As for prices: I would expect $500-900 depending on condition on the RF. I picked up a non-running '66 with deck in 2009 for $400. Put $50 into it and had a great yard worker. Shoulda never sold it. The 212 I would expect to fetch similar prices but they seems to much more common in this part of the country and many are still working hard.

As for the 111 v/s the 212 - Keep the 212 and walk away from the 111. The 212 is a much better machine.

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Thanks for the replies, guys....

If I was only looking at quality of machine there would be no contest between the 212 and the 111. The 212 would win hands down, forward and backward.

What I have to look at though is the fact that I have a fairly small yard and really don't need that much machine anymore. I don't use it in the garden and it's a big mower that takes up a lot of room in a small garage. Also, we have quite a few trees, a pool, horseshoe pits, various landscaping, two small gardens, etc..

Trying to use the 212 in this yard is honestly more trouble than it's worth. When you have to do a four point turn around every obstacle it takes a lot of time to get the job done.

On the other hand the 111 is much more manuverable around all of the obstacles. I also will only be using it to pull a yard cart every now and then. I hate to give up the 110 and the 212 but I need garage space more than my big boy toys. :)

Trav1s....if you are interested in the 110 I would be open to hearing an offer. I will have to take the best offer whether it's private party or from John Deere.

One thing I don't and won't do is play you two against each other. Each will have a shot at giving a price and whoever wins, wins.

As for location I am about 70 miles straight east of St. Louis, Mo. If you google Salem, Illinois you will be really close.

I don't know if that's even slightly close to your location but if so maybe we can work something out.

If I'm close enough and if you are interested I can send you a couple of photos of the tractor.

I will tell you that the deck has been repaired by brazing in some metal and covering with fiberglass, (there was a little cancer on the front of the deck....mainly pin-holes in one small spot). Since the repair no other problems have shown up.

Also the steering is loose and would probably need a new steering box if you plan on restoring it. It might be repairable but I don't know. I always just lived with the looseness since it didn't bother me that much.

Also I don't know if the generator is still charging. I had it completely rebuilt 18 years ago but haven't used the tractor in many years now. I do know that every time I've started it up I've had to give it a jump but that could be because I only let it run for a quick trip around the block, just so it's not sitting and drawing moisture.

Those are the only things that I can think of that are wrong with it. It does not have the original John Deere muffler but I think everything else it stock and complete.

Thanks again for the replies and the information.

At least I'm not going into this transaction totally blind.


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Thanks for the comment.

I'm sure I could set the 110 out on the curb and sell it but I honestly hate doing that.

I usually end up getting ticked off when someone tries to haggle for a low, low price with no idea of how awesome these old tractors are.

The Deere dealer that I'm talking to is an old friend and told me right away that he would have no trouble selling to some local collectors.

Of course my best bet would probably be to find out who these collectors are and cut out the middle man. :)

Even though that would be my best bet the guy is a friend so I don't want to beat him out of his commission.

I have a co-worker who is very interested in the 212 but again that creates a bit of a dilemma. I'm pretty sure that I could get close to $600.00 out of the 212 considering the shape it's in but would feel obligated to cut my co-worker a break on the price.

Even though it will probably cost me $150.00 or so I'll probably go ahead and sell to my co-worker since it will help him out and I'll get back everything that I've got invested in the tractor, (after having used it for several years).

That's one thing about an old John Deere. You can almost always get your money back.

Okay, I'd better stop talking about these tractors or I'll end up keeping them and have even less space in the garage after adding the Z235 or Z245 that I'm trying to decide between!

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Oh and A.C.T.....

I have to say that I love your avatar.

I grew up riding a 730? Case and also a....hmmm...not sure about the exact number but I think it was a 930 or 960 Case.

The 730 had a shift on the go, (which always scared the crap out of me when I was a kid) and the 900 series had a hand clutch.

My family still farms with 1370 and 1070 tractors, (along with a couple of John Deere 4430's and an International 4 wheel drive....not sure of the number).

I traded the farm for a desk several years ago but I'm now spending my free time growing fruits and vegetables.

I'm about 10 years from retirement so we are building up our gardens and orchards, (out at my dad's farm), as a retirement business.

I guess once you get your hands in the dirt it sort of gets into your blood. I always hated farming when I was growing up but now I realize what a great life it can be.

Other than my John Deere garden tractors I always wanted a 225 Case. I was just never able to find one that looked feasible to repair.
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