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Traded for a G12 a couple weeks ago. Found it had a froze, and I mean FROZE, tension link for the PTO. No way was it going to come loose. Found a replacement in good condition on eBay and grabbed it quick. Today I start on the project of replacing that tension shaft, along with some other needed maintenance on the tractor.

First thing was to remove the fender pan and hood. Then the rear wheel weights and wheels came off to get the traction adjusting nut loose. (It was seized also)

From Back.JPG

Next I removed the battery and removed the bolts holding the cowling and sides in place. This allowed the cowling and panel to be raised for access to the tension shaft. Then I removed the top cover and placed paper towels over the case to keep it clean. With things out of the way the Saws All came out with a new metal blade. I cut off the old shaft next to the bushing that goes into the base of the steering casting. With the help of cutting oil it went rather fast and easy.

With the Tech engine mounted on risers ? ? it did not require the engine to be lifted to remove or insert the replacement shaft.

Engine risers.JPG New shaft in place.JPG Front half of new shaft.JPG

Everything went back together fairly easy as I was prepared to lift the engine to gain clearance to remove the shaft. Everything went smooth and it was 5:30 so decided it was a good place to stop for the day and finish it up tomorrow. Can then move on to other maintenance items the tractor needs.

Old shaft cut area.JPG Old Shaft.JPG

The part with the pin at the rear of the shaft next to the cut end is what was froze. As side note the hood removal was not required for this operation but the hood needed some repair work and painting to match the seat pan. Wheels will also be cleaned and painted at this time. NOT a restoration project, just making a working tractor look presentable.


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