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About 3 years ago I added another Bolens 1050 to my collection. I picked it up for free from a member on MTF, the only condition was that I give it a good home. The tractor had been in his family since he was very young and it got to the point he didn't have a place to store it so that's how I got it.

Not long after I got this 1050 I had it running again and used it to plow snow for about a month. Then for a few months it was used as needed to pull a cart around the yard. The starter generator started giving me problems so I put the tractor on the back burner. About 1.5-2 years ago I went to fire it up again and burnt/melted the points So I pushed it back in the shed for another day.

That day arrived yesterday when we moved the 1050 out of the shed and over to the garage. I pulled the junk points out will be replacing them soon. For now I'm thinking about using a set of points from one of my parts engines which should be ok. Then I'll move on to fixing the wiring harness and any other problems I find along the way.

Here are a few pictures and updates will come soon.


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