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Is your 1855 a MF or Snapper? The Snapper's had the ivory white color wheels, while the MFs had a silver mist mettalic gray. If you're not a purist, I personally have had much better success with the Rustoleum Professional series spray paints than I have with like the Tractor Supply paints or other 'exact' match paints.

I think the lug bolts were red? I'm not sure I've ever seen chromed lug bolts, but they may be available.

Rimgaurd is the best choice if it's available near you. There's no dealer of it within a 200 mile round trip drive of me...thus I used washer fluid.

For about a 75% fill, the rears will hold 8.3 gallons, and the fronts 3 gallons each. The Rimgaurd is about 10.7 lbs/gal vs 8 or so for washer fluid.

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