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on Thursday spent over 8 hours on physical labor between Goldin scrap yard and the Appleton Makerspace, burned an extra 2200 calories and nearly double the steps I normally do, heart rate was above normal all afternoon
when I got home at 9 I was sore all over, still a little stiff in places

Went to the scrap yard and picked up 131 pounds of suitable steel for implements for my walk behind
this included part of spring culitvator that is too long to adapt as is, will cut up for parts
the rest was a railing/bracket made of thick walled steel tube that barely fits in my car
wrestled with scrap to get it to fit in my car (I am out of shape)
haul scrap to makerspace
squirt penetrating oil into the bolts of scrap metal
cut scrap metal into useable (and lighter) pieces
arc weld bolts for spindles for a tractor sulky
drilled holes for a crossbar for sulky
clamped rough pieces of sulky together for photos, it lasted 30 seconds before colapsing
MIG welded some bar stock into a hitch extender for the two wheeled (pics later)

cultivator parts, to be recut and welded into...a cultivator!

yes, the below fit in my car, barely

too long, I'll shorten it after I get the tractor back together
one of the office chairs is going to be cannibalized for a seat
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