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I'll enter my 1977 Economy Powerking.

This tractor used to belong to the family next door who bought it new originally. I have fond memories as a little kid watching it in action during summers from across the chain link fence. In fact, as soon as I would hear the screech of the starter whirl from inside our house- (it's that loud) when they would fire it up in their garage I'd go running out to see it in action while they mowed. I used to think it was one of the neatest looking (and sounding) tractors as something like this is quite uncommon in our neck of the woods and I had never seen one like it. Fast forward to 2013 - a couple of decades later - I asked if I could buy it as they had not been using it for a few years and had also moved it outside where it was being stored under a tarp. To somewhat of a surprise, they let me buy it.

Since then, I have enjoyed using it, fixing it up where it needed it, and upgrading it as well to my style. I really didn't know much at all about these tractors but after researching them when I was considering buying it, I discovered this one didn't come with many options. I knew I still wanted one so I had briefly considered finding another one instead that was optioned better but that idea was quickly thrown under the rug as no other tractor would replace the emotional attachment to this particular one, which was more important to me. The manual lift had to go seeing my intended uses for it so I ended up tracking down a complete factory hydraulic lift setup from someone out of state. Most recently I purchased a secondary transmission setup for it as well which I'll be installing down the road when I restore it. Other things that some other things include changing the stance with custom made wheels spacers from Motorsport Tech, larger front and rear Carlisle tires, refinished/powdercoated rims, all new hydraulic hoses, taller 24" rear wheel model front king pins, battery box, weathered fasteners replaced with stainless where necessary, and a rear vintage style LED taillight.

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