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I'm going to be swapping out a Kohler K582 with a daylight block for a Ruggerini RD200 2 cylinder diesel in my Bolens HT23. Unfortunately, the Ruggerini has the SAE J6209 short taper stub shaft on the output end, and there's no factory adapter for it.

However, I've found someone to make an adapter for it which will allow me to put a Kohler stub shaft on it.

I haven't pulled out the K582 because I don't have space in my shop to keep the tractor at the moment--it'll still run on one cylinder, which will allow me to raise the loader and move it in to my shop

I need to know what diameter the output shaft on the K582 is as used in an HT23 so I can get the right diameter stub shaft for the driveline... can anyone help out??


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