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Hello all. Not really sure where to begin... I inherited my dad's Simplicity 725 when he passed away. When I moved away, I had the tractor sitting for quite some time (4 years) at a friends house for storage. I recently bought a house and now have the space (and need) for this tractor. This tractor was my dad's pride and joy. I remember driving it around on top speed 3rd gear. When I got it back to my house, the engine turned over and eventually started up. I was able to drive forward and backwards for about a minute and then the RPMs revved like crazy while I was in neutral and I got scared so I shut it down.

I don't know where to start with this thing. I would love to get it going again. I wish my dad was still around to show me the ins and outs on how to maintain it. I'm not mechanically savvy. He left behind manuals, boxes and boxes of parts (from washers to an extra transmission). He had to have 3 spare parts for everything.

If anyone can give me advice on where to start. My first step is to get the old gas out and put new gas in. What kind of gas can I use? Just go to the gas station and get some 87? Do i need to add anything to the gas? Next step, drain the old oil. I'll probably be able to figure out where the oil tank is via the manual.... but how do I know how much to put back in? Also, according to the manual, certain oil grades can be detrimental. Andy advice on specific oil to use on this model?

Where do I go from there? Step by step, treat me like I'm dumb, advice would be very helpful. I've got the mower attachment and snowblower attachment. I would love to get this thing running by winter to use the snowblower to plow my neighbors driveways...that's what my dad used to do.

Thanks in advance,

- Anna
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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