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First thing to do is to start your own thread rather than hijacking an old one. Go here Allis Chalmers, Simplicity Tractor Forum and name your new thread something like "Family heirloom Simplicity 725 please help" Enter in as much information as you can come up with about your machine and it"s history. Pictures of the machine and implements are a big plus and help people judge its condition and better guess it's needs. You say it sat in storage for four years then the engine turned over and eventually started up. If this happened without charging the battery checking, the oil, changing the old gas you have a truly amassing machine. Probably the best way to become familiar with the tractor is to curl up in a comfortable chair with the manuals and pretend they are a good mystery or romance novel. All the information about lubrication. and adjustment may well be in there. You have not specified which manuals are there. Manuals available for tractors usually include Owners manual, Operators manual, Service manual, Repair manual, Parts manual, and could be more as the manufacturer deemed necessary. All of these permutations can them apply to each implement. We have an extensive manuals section (third tab from the left top of this page). If the engine is over revving you need to check out the carburetor/linkage/governor, sections. The link I attached at the top of this post is also at the top of this page. Good luck Don
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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