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I bought a Snapper YT18H about a week ago at an estate sale. I mainly wanted it since it had a newer motor and new rear tires.
It was a functioning machine but I bought to use the motor, seat, and tires on another machine.
Other than it missing it's headlights, motor, and wheels, the rest is all there. If I thought the trans would fit something else, I'd probably keep that too but I doubt much else will fit my other machines.

The deck appears to be either 44 or 48" wide, there's some rust through around the right rear deck roller. The way I see it is that someone thought enough of this thing to buy a new 18HP Kohler for it from Tulsa Eng. Warehouse last summer, as well as two new Carlisle 23x10.50-12 rear turf tires.
At this point just the engine has been removed.

Does the remaining tractor have any value?
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