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SOLD WH A-100 36" 10hp briggs all original

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Got this one up and running. Has fresh oil change, air filter, new gas line, fuel filter added, spark plug replaced and all gone over and lubed. What it needs:: The deck is good condition but it did sit for a few years so it needs a good once over. The spindles on deck are free moving so probably just needs greased up but it could need some bearing attention I'm not sure because for the price I'm sure a new owner will want to do a good once over.
Purrs like a kitten.
Located in greenville ohio
Asking 250 but will consider offers or trades for any type of attachments for WH or older craftsman 3 pt hitch tractor


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Glad to see that you found a home for that 1. (y)
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Thank you. Real nice guy said he was sick of going through modern mowers. Think it has a good home.
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