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I have 6 6volts batteries that are shot. They came out of my GE E-12.........what is my best option? I have already stored them for over 6 months and really would like the space back. I had been keeping them to use when I put 6 6volts back in.....currently I have 3 12v in the ge and probably will be a long time till I ever put the 6volts back in it.

Do I keep storing them or do I scrap them?? If scrap?? who would probably pay me more for them?? How much can I expect to be paid??

Just trying to decide which way to go and figured some one here knows the best choice.



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Don't scrap them yet, wait until you buy a few more tractors. Then you'll have them for spare cores. Its always my luck to buy a tractor without a battery, so the store has to charge me for a core.

Ben W.
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