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Tractor Changes already

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Well I have to admit I usually keep things around for a little while, but if you recall last week, one of the tractors I had was an MF16. Well I went to pick up the snowblower for it today, and the chap I got it from wanted to trade back for the 16.
Now the 16 had no motor, and needed some work, but I was happy with it as a first.
But today happened and the 16 is replaced by a 10 with a deck, roto tiller, and snowblower. There are tire chains onit, and even beter,,, it has a motor.
So I hauled it home, put a jump starter on it (that was given to me aswell) and
I could'nt believe it when it turned over
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Gas Engineering Automotive wheel system
(the MF blower)

and started right up.
The guy I got it from said it had'nt ran in over a year.
Hopefully I can attach a pic . Strange how some days go isn't it.
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The MF 10



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That's a nice tractor. The snow blower is a great find and the engine even has the better muffler on it.
Nice deal. The 10 has a sleeve hitch also. Good for you.
That's a good lookin tractor. Someone's looked after it over the years. Good deal.
Does the tiller have the extension?
Can't argue with a tractor that has a motor, great trade. Glad you are excited with your new tractor.
Hey,nice looking tractor.
Hey Chappy, you seem to be a magnet for MF's! Congratulations on that one. It looks solid. The blower will come in handy this winter.
Nice looking machine!! The more I see these MF's, the better they look.
Nice 10, Chappy. It's really good when you get attachments with them. I'm glad you got it running easily. Have fun with it.
Thanks Fellas, I'm pretty happy with it. A Little elbow grease and TLC should"nt hurt. Re the Tiller extension
I'm not sure if it does or not, still pretty new to me , but it gets delivered in the next week.
I can shoot a pic and add it to the thread and,,,, IamSherwood maybe you can tell me from that.
The blower is going to come in handy for sure, it has new drive train and everything rolls nice and easy. The guy I got it from
even had a big ziplock bag with all the springs and chains in it.

Have a Rainbow Day
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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