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2WDTwo wheel drive.
4WDFour wheel drive
ACAntique collector or air conditioning.
ACRAutomatic Compression Release
ASFShorthand for: And so Forth
AWPShorthand for: Awaiting parts.
AWSAbbreviation for: All Wheel Steering
B&SAbbreviation for: Briggs and Stratton
BDCAbbreviation for: Bottom Dead Center
BFFAbbreviation for: Best friend forever / forgotten
BGBBevel Gear BoxA 90 degree gear box in a driveline. gears are often beveled at a 45 so they mesh properly.These units are prevalent in Allis, Simpl...
BILAbbreviation for Brother in law
Brush MowerA brush mower is normally a rotary style mower used for cutting thick heavy grass and brush. Would be used to help clear trails and fields that are...
BTWAbbreviation for: By the way.
Bush HogTerm normally used for a rotary mower used for cutting heavy thick brush. Uses a blunt hinged blade for cutting.There is also the Bush Hog company...
CarbShorthand for: Carburetor
CCAbbreviation for: Cub Cadet
CLAbbreviation for: Craigslist
CUTAbbreviation for: Compact Utility Tractor
DBAbbreviation for: David Bradley
DILDaughter in law
DUALSDuals: Multiple tires mounted side by side.

Duels: a fight
ETAbbreviation for: Electric Tractor
FELShorthand for "Front end loader".
FILAbbreviation for: Father in law
Front End LoaderA front end loader is a scoop or bucket mounted to the front of a tractor or machine used to scoop dirt and various other material. Most front end...
FSFor Sale
FTFor Trade or Full Time
Ft LbsAbbreviation for: Foot pounds of torque.
FTWAbbreviation for: For the win
FWAAbbreviation for: Front wheel assist
FWIWAbbreviation for: For what it's worth
FYIAbbreviation for: For your information
Garden TractorA garden tractor is a smaller tractor which is able to be used for multiple purposes. The difference between a garden tractor and a riding mower is...
Garden Tractor TalkThe term pretty much says it all. It is the full name of the website that you are currently viewing.
GFIAbbreviation for: Go for it
GTShorthand for: Garden TractorA tractor designed to do yard work as well as have sufficient power and stout enough structure to use ground engaging...
GTTShorthand for "Garden Tractor Talk". THE BEST garden tractor website there ever was, is, or ever will be.
GTtalkAnother shorthand for our full website name which is Garden Tractor Talk.
HDAbbreviation for: Heavy Duty or Home Depot
HDAPAbbreviation for: Heavy Duty All Purpose
HFTAbbreviation for: Harbor Freight Tools
HydroShorthand for: Hydrostatic Transmission, Hydrostatic Drive
HydrostaticHydrostatic drive or hydrostatic transmission uses an oil pump to build pressure to drive hydraulic motors which makes the driven axle spin.
IDKAbbreviation for: I don't know
IHShorthand for: International Harvester
IIRCAbbreviation for: If I recall correctly
IMHOAbbreviation for: In my honest opinion
IMOAbbreviation for: In my opinion
In LbsAbbreviation for: Inch Pounds of torque
IPBAbbreviation for: Illustrated Parts Breakdown
IRWIPIAbbreviation for: It ran when I parked it
IRWPAbbreviation for: It ran when parked
JDShorthand for: John Deere
LAGTLawn and Garden Tractor Magazine
Lawn TractorA lawn tractor is another term used to often describe a riding mower. Normally used by homeowners with smaller parcels of ground. Also see similar...
LBLawn Boy
LBHLoader Backhoe
LEDLight emitting diode
LMAOLaughing my a$$ off
LOLShorthand for "Laugh out loud".
LTShorthand for: Lawn Tractor Generally, a physically smaller unit than a GT and is principally designed for mowing. A hitch on the back is availabl...
LTDLarge tall drink
Massey FergusonMassey Ferguson Limited is a major agricultural equipment manufacturer which was based in Brantford, Ontario, Canada before it was purchased by AGC...
MFShorthand for: Massey Ferguson
MILMother in law
MMMMid mount mower
MMOMarvel Mystery Oil
MMTBMore money than brains
MTDModern Tool and Die
MTFMy Tractor Forum
NABNeed another beer
NLANo longer available
NOSNew old stock
NTMNew to me
OEOriginal equipment
OEMOriginal equipment manufacturer
OPOriginal poster
OSIBIOh $hit I broke it
OTROver the road
PITAPain in the a$$
PKPower King
POPrevious owner or pissed off
pospiece of $###
Power Take OffA device that transfers mechanical power from an engine to another piece of equipment. ie; to power a mower deck, tiller or other attachment from t...
PTOShorthand for: Power take off. See similar items.
Reel MowerA Reel Mower is a mower in which the blades spin vertically and use a scissoring action to cut the blades of grass. A reel mower can vary from bein...
RERRear engine rider
Riding MowerA riding mower is a mower that one can ride on in the seated position. Most riding mowers are aimed for the average homeowner with smaller parcels...
RIOReverse Implement Option
RMShorthand for: Riding Mower
ROFLRolling on floor laughing
ROPSRoll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) refers to operator compartment structures ( usually cabs or frames) intended to protect equipment operators.
ROTFLMAOShorthand for: "Rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off".
SAEStandard American Equivalent
SCUTSub compact utility tractor
SILSon in law or sister in law
SOShut Off
SPSelf Propelled
TCVTravel control valve
TDCTop dead center
TFLTractor fund low
TGIFThank God it's Friday
TOTMTractor of the month.
A contest held here on GTT.
TPHThree point hitch
TSCTractor Supply Company
TTYLTalk to you later
UTPUnidentified tractor part
UTWUnder the wheel
WACWives against collecting
WACOWomen against collecting organization.
WIGTKMWife is going to kill me
WOTWide open throttle
WTBWanted to buy
WTHWhat the heck
YTShorthand for Yard Tractor.While not an industry standard term and sort of a grey area, this tractor is usually thought of as between an LT and a G...
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