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Type A atf For Hydro And 80-90 Gear oil for Gear'd there is 3 versions of transmissions one with a reservoir under the seat and one that uses the gear housing as its reservoir

Ways to distinguish


80-90 gear oil I think its 2 L Just fill till it over flows

hydro !

Type one older (auto motive type oil filter reservoir under the seat with cap on seat pan with a 3/8 fill plug beside the hitch plate*used for Gear oil in the Axle housing) aprox 1L of type A atf (full system)

and Aprox 2L of 80-90 gearlube for the gear housing

Type Two Newer (round In line type filter no cap on seat pan Large Fill plug (3/4") on Axle housing mounted higher up the atf fluid is for the gears lubrication as well for the transmission )Aprox 4L of Aft fluid


1 - 2 of 2 Posts