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Tuff Built

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Depending on condition that would be a fair price.
That is a machine that interests me quite a lot.
Have never seen one in Iowa.
The nearest dealer is in North Dakota.
Being hydralic driven and having two cat O 3 point hitches. A guy could do a lot with one.
Visibility with attachments right out in front of you would make gardening easy.
If you go to their website they have about every attachment you could want available.
Looks like a mini "G"
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looks simular to the ones we used to weed young onion sets.. they had a harrow where the grader blade is.. You would look right down on the rows..
Looks like a mini "G"
Critters and soldier, you are both right.
This is hydralic drive powered by an 18 hp Kohler.
They have an interesting web site and offer many attachments.

There are a number of videos on you tube, many by a young man in Colorado who Truck Farms( today they would say Market Garden). I would like to have one, the ability to have a cultivator right in front of you would allow you to be very precise.
The Allis G would be almost as nice but only a little over 2900 were made and collectors have scarfed up most of the survivors.
My Grandpa had one. It was easy to run. I wished I could have gotten it at his sale. Nice for garden work.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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