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Alot of engines would be able to be "made to fit" but honestly a HF engine would certainly look out of place on something like that.

You need to at least find something that was around back around the time that machine was made.

What is wrong with the current Kohler? is it blown up? Rod hanging out the side of the block? Froze up? If not there is definitely hope for it to run again.

I know there are alot of Harbor freight "lovers" out there, but you will not see me among them That Kohler is repairable and parts are available. That HF engine, not so much. Even though they are cheap, (you get what you pay for, remember that) when you have any problem at all with them where will parts come from? Throw the whole motor away and get another? Kinda stupid for say a carburetor kit or maybe an ignition coil or starter......

also that Kohler has already run probably 40 years or more. It may not take much to make it repeat that. How many POS Harbor Freight engines will it take to make 40 years???
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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