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and the results were NOT pretty :blush2:

So, I contacted Jestin LeClair at and have a PROFESSIONALLY rebuilt card on the way. Not only that, but he also had and oil bath air cleaner, and that too is on it's way. :D

In the mean time, I got REAL lucky yesterday. I found my all time favorite push mower advertised on Craig's list in Cleveland.

The guy was selling an old Jacobsen 4-blade mower (with the 2 stroke engine), AND a Cub Cadet SRC 621, for the princely sum of $20.00 ( for both, not each)!

I brought them back last night, and the Jake is running almost like new. Probably needs a bit of 'tweaking' on the carb, but I'm not gonna mess with it too much since my philosophy is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

All it took to get the Jake running was a new plug, a bit of cleaning on the carb, and some fresh fuel. Danged if the old girl didn't start on the first pull after that! I did a bit of mowing with it, in some TALL grass and weeds, some close to 1 Ft high, and it didn't miss a beat.

Now if the 800 will be as 'easy' when I get the new carb, life will be GOOD :laughingteeth:
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