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Last 3 years, attendance has been down a little at a time at most shows around here, most who didnt come or show point at gas prices. I have not gone places I've really wanted to for more years than that because of gas, this year is just worse.

Our show was only down a little, was expecting even less because of Thurs nite/Fri morn rain, but people came anyways and had a good time., by Friday evening, you couldn't even tell it had rained.

I'm hoping it quits raining soon, Ryan, Steve, and I want to go to Saegertown show. They are saying rain till noon, we will see.
I agree 100%. Fuel prices are putting a real damper on peoples recreational plans.

We've just gone through an 8% increase at the pumps, in the past week.

Most people just can't handle that, so they cancel their plans.

When will the governments wake up, and put an end to that sort

of robbery? Probably never, as long as the lobbyists are filling

the politicians pockets.
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