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so i got the fenderpan hastily painted, they it on tacky, ruined the paint job, no biggie got it started up. fired right up, i had the control valve open so it wouldnt take off on me, since a linkage needs to be adjusted. i put the seat on, fired it up a second time, tightened the release valve, it took off backwards. the jumpers came off, welded themselves together. now not only that, but i had the brake on since i figure its a safety thing to start it up. well i couldnt move the hydro pedal or get the brake off. it took off in reverse, the hitch plate grabbed onto a 6x6 beam, and plowed it into the ground, then it stalled like it always does. now i need help on the stalling, i know my positive and negative cables are corroded pretty bad and dont stay on good, but when it stalls it isnt sudden, could that be the case? also i dont have an air filter on right now, could that be an issue in getting too lean of a fuel mixture? i have the carb correctly adjusted and i cleaned the carb really good. could it be plug wires? anything else it could be? o and i have a very nice drainage ditch now thanks to the creep, it also took a stump and started tearing it out. so i think my tranny has PLENTY of power =D
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