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I just bought a Gravely "5665" the other day. I thought I'd try to confirm the serial numbers to see the year, etc. When I looked I did not find a serial number below the hood at all. I found 2 numbers. One on the engine (Kohler k301S, spec 47459d, SN 6292722), and one on the left lower side (SN- J113001).

The Walk Behind is very clean. Red hood (no number decal), the dash has choke, key, and hi-lo, and PTO engage. No hour meter, or other devices.

From what I can figure out both serial numbers indice 1974. I do not even know the difference between the 500, 5000, and commercial 12 models. Can anyone give me ideas how to check into this? I can take pics of specific areas if that will help.

Thank you
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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