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wiring on yth2448

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i have a yth2448 that was parked after the pto switch went bad then mice built a nest in the engine so then the dogs went after the mice and tore up the wiring harness I have most of it back together (soldered wires and shrink tubing hate cheap shit mashed together garbage) the problem now is the charging system i need to find the red diode holder/connector thing searched a lot but only find wires and tapes crap does anyone know thes pecs for this diode? also have a connector with a red wire and an orange wire right below the solenoid (in same connector)not showing on the diagrams Ive found. 1 wire was pulled off of stator will fix . it looks like both stator wires go to regulator but not sure where r ed wire off of reg goes (most likely to red circuit any help out there maybe someone else has one of these price was right as it was free
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what is the name and model number of the engine
do not see a name but here is what i got model 4 46677 type0463 code 050523yh engine family5bsxs.7242vf 276024
what does thanking a post mean?
this connector with orange wire and red wire comes out of another 6 wire connector it has about 3 inches of wire the 6 wire connector has a red loop of wire that comes from the blue wire on right side jumps the middle and goes in the connector on the far left found the orange on the diagram seems to feed the headlights
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