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First of all can anyone tell there a difference between downloading and just plain viewing a manual?.....because I can't see any other way to view a manual!

This is my first ever post and what better way to start off than with the Front End Loader. Being fairly knew to the site I'm already

in trouble with the local Sheriff or Moderator. I guess I've been downloading too many loader manuals and they think I'm selling them on the black market????.

The truth is I'm very much wanting to build a loader to mount on my White Garden Tractor or come up with a bucket that will mount on the front of my Jacobsen Turfcat mower. The mower comes off real quick, the unit is built like a tank and has all the hydraulics you'd ever need.

The Mulch bucket on the ZTR is a clever looking unit and under the right conditions should work. Anyone know of other designs available for viewing?
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