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  1. For Sale / Trade / Wanted
    Time to move some of my collection, This unit runs good, has power steering, front and rear pto, rear 3pt. hitch. good tires. Buy will have choice of rear tiller, front snow blower, mower deck. rear pto powered grass catcher, not included price.
  2. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    Hi, I was just wondering if a stump grinder attachment existed for the David Bradley two wheel walk behind. I haven’t seen one but I would love to find out how to rig one up.
  3. Attachments
    Taking a shot in the dark to see if anyone may have a set of weights for the old Bready made Homelite 4-wheel tractors. I have attached a pic to show the design. Thanks!!!
  4. MTD Tractor Forum
    I picked up my first attachment, a grader blade no name or model. I will need to modify it to fit. Which works better pulling it from the front or pushing it from the rear of the tractor? I have seen both types of mounts just wondering about what are the pros and cons of pull or push...
  5. Tractors
    Hello everyone! First post to this forum but I have utilized a lot of the information from it over the years of owning my Gilson so thank you to everyone for posting all of the helpful technical data. I am posting today to sell my tractor as I do not have the time or money to restore it and I...
  6. Attachments
    Sears Craftsman 36" Garden Tractor 2 stage Haban snowblower with hitch, good condition, has been stored inside for multiple years and will need cleaned/lubricated. I believe this fits Sears Suburban and possibly others. Sears Craftsman 36" Garden Tractor 2 stage haban snowblower with hitch $250
  7. Attachments
    Looking for attachments -- specifically a layover plow -- but anything useful. It is a model EDK2110A87. Sorry, the picture isn't great. Thanks.
  8. Tractors
    After this past fall and throughout this winter I have really grown to appreciate my Dad's 316 onan and really want to move up to a 300 series so I have decided in order to get a nice one I have to sell my 212's and their attachments. So here's what I got... The first tractor is a 1979 John...
  9. Attachments
    im looking for a snow blade for my cub cadet 70 and anything else you have
  10. Bolens Tractor Forum
    What would be a good price for a Bolen HT20 with back blade, plow, snow blower, tiller, deck, wheel weights, and chains? I know this might be dependent on location but tell me what you think. Here is what she looks like. It has been stored inside most of its life.
  11. Tractors
    Unfortunately, the time has come for me to offer up my prize JD400. I have several threads relating to the build. I have added some attachments to the tractor I\'m taking offers, but nothing less than $3,000 I do have a parts engine I can throw in if we settle on a price. It went from this...
  12. Compact Utility and Farm Tractor Forum
    Found a King Kutter Bush Hog, in very rough condition, and I'm going to clean it up to sell in the future. It's a 5 footer, dark yellow (lots of rust), and uses 3 point hitch, (if you haven't already guessed that). Here's the same exact one, but in WAY better condition...
  13. Allis Chalmers, Simplicity Tractor Forum
    Found a bunch of attachments for my Simplicity walk behind today. There is an NOS plow frame (no bottom and no culter) but I did get a Bolens walk behind moldboard. Maybe there's a trade to be had? Left behind the weed cutter, circular saw, sulky and trailer as he was not ready to sell yet...
  14. Attachments
    Hello everyone, I was referred here my the guys over at I have a mower deck, snow blower, push blade, and the rear weight off of a bolens estate keeper. I'm not sure what year but I believe they are from a 67. If anyone is interested just send me a message or reply. If this...
  15. Tractors
    Hey guys i have a david bradly tri trac i am interested in selling it has 4 or 5 attchments and im looking to get 2000obo it currently does not run but the motor turns over and has compression everything is there for its except the air cleaner
  16. Attachments
    Bolens shaft drive 4ft 2 stage snowblower. This unit is almost new and has seen very little use. It is heavier built than the ones made today. I can txt pictures. It does not come with the driveshaft. You can get them off e-bay for $50.00. This blower came with a Bolens I purchased to use with...
  17. John Deere Tractor Forum
    I'm looking to attach my john deere model 31 tiller to my john deere 212 manual lift tractor. What linkages, helper springs, or other parts do I need to accomplish this? Any pics, diagrams or part numbers would greatly help. God bless you
  18. Bolens Tractor Forum
    I just got a Bolens H16. It is the first Bolens I have ever seen and came with a snow blower and rototiller. I am looking for a mower deck and have no idea what I should be looking for. Any help is greatly appreciated. Walt
  19. Garden Tractor Implement Forum
    I am new to the site, just wondering if anybody has a model J-17 hyraulic tiller for a Case 446 that they would like to sell? I am locatedin SW MN
  20. Garden Tractor Implement Forum
    Hi all, I'm new here. I recently acquired a couple of Massey 10's and some implements. I found the MF10 and 12 manuals, which have been very useful. However, I've not been able to ID the make of the implements. The listing on craigslist had them as Simpsons-Sears, and the leveler blade is...
1-20 of 22 Results